19 people killed in huge blast

Armed police gather at Manchester Arena after reports of an explosion at the venue during an Ariana Grande gig in Manchester, England Monday, May 22, 2017. Several people have died following reports of an explosion Monday night at an Ariana Grande concert in northern England, police said. A representative said the singer was not injured. (Peter Byrne/PA via AP)

Vastavam web: At least 19 people got killed and 50 others suffered injuries in the explosion at pop concert in Manchester, England. While US Pop Star Ariana Grande was performing her last song, All of a sudden there was massive explosion and everybody got panicked. People who attended the concert were found screaming and running to save their lives. The venue which has a capacity of 21,000 was covered with smoke within few minutes after the explosion.

Residents of Manchester came forward to help the people who left stranded after the explosion. They circulated the hashtag #RoomforManchester and allowed them to stay at their homes for sometime. Cops suspect the blast which happened at 10.30 PM on Monday could be a terror attack. This is worst incident to happen in England since 2005, when ISIS Terrorist killed 54 people targeting a subway and bus.