What is BJP to Pawan kalyan and Pawan to BJP ?

Vastavam web: Ever since Bjp and TDP’s tie up happened prior to the general elections, there had been a good relation between both the parties till recently. However, Bjp is buzzed to have understood his boy friend TDP is facing the ire of people owing to failure of keeping his word on election promises.

As a result, all of a sudden, Bjp starts loving YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Shocked by Bjp’s serious blow, TDP is reportedly crying loud in closed doors. Unable to control its jealousy, ‘CBN Chandrajoythi’ newspaper started spilling venom on YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Right now, both Bjp and YCP are singing melodious duets with graceful dancing steps.

But then, what about the relation between the Janasena chief and Bjp? In fact, Bjp had a love at first sight with the Janasena chief when the latter entered politics. As Pawan Kalyan decided not to contest in 2014 polls, Bjp had to be satisfied with a tie up.