German and Italian ministers called for an EU mission on Libya border

Vastavam web: The German and Italian interior ministers have called for an EU mission to be installed on the border between Libya and Niger to stem migrant crossings to Europe.In a letter to the European Commission dated May 11, which AFP obtained a copy today, ministers Thomas de Maiziere and Marco Minniti said they “are convinced that we all must do more” to “prevent that hundreds of thousands of people once again risk their lives in Libya and on the Mediterranean Sea in the hands of smugglers.It called for the setting up of “a EU Mission at the border between Libya and Niger as soon as possible.” To close the migrant route from Niger to Libya, the ministers are seeking “support for growth and development programmes in local communities” along the border.Other measures include “technical and financial support” for Libyan authorities fighting illegal migration, particularly at the border with Niger.