Venkaiah throws satires on Gandhi-Nehru family’s politics

Vastavam web:  Central Minister Venkaiah Naidu made satires on Gandhi-Nehru family members. He was talking in a meeting at Hyderabad said, I have no God Fathers in the politics. I didn’t have any suffix or prefix title to my name like Gandhi- Nehru. No one in my family is highly educated. I believed only in working hard.I never consider that it is a great honor to have been elected as the president of UN Habitat governing council, I consider it as a rare honor. I respect their honor, and taking it as an opportunity I go on tour the world to initiate welfare programmes. He said, now-a-days a lot of automobiles have come into usage, the pollution too increased at the same speed. We must strive for change of this position. Said Naidu on this occasion.