GST makes the states more powerful-RBI

Vastavam web: RBI  ( Reserve bank of India ) declared, with the implementation of GST ( goods and Service Tax) the state government’s economy will be strengthened. It released  a report for the financial year 2016-17, it reads the implementation of GST, there would be wide possibilities to enhance the rate of development of the country, and the rate of inflation will also be in control. But the implementation of GST is not so easy as we think, it needs adequate technology, and minimum infrastructure must be provided. The central government proposed to implement GST from July 1st on wards. In this forecast, the state government declared, “wipe out” the agricultural loans. It impacted on the  economy of state government, and leads a huge loans with compound interest has to be paid and then their financial position is not as it should be expected, RBI declared after study of budget of state government ‘s last year.