Philadelphia Telangana Association raising funds for i4Farmers organisation

Vastavam web: i4Farmers is an organisation which supports the india farmers to focus and educate individuals on farmers issues and concerns.i4Farmers is aimed to bring awareness among the individuals about the problems faced by farmers and how an individual can help them.i4farmers is also committed to provide support in terms of technology, education/training for the farmers and help them to follow sustainable farming practices and reduce losses in the long term.This organisation is sending funds to 40 families in telangana who lost thier family member due to a farm related suicides.

So,To support thier contribution to help the farmers in telangana..Philadelphia Telangana Association(PTA) president Satya yasa conducting “Friendship Cup Volley ball tournament” to raise the funds which will be donated to i4Farmers organisation whose mission is to support and educate farmers on thier issues and concerns.So they asked participants to form the teams to participate in this tournament.All proceeds collected in the form of fees will present to i4Farmers organisation to support the farmers.