Financial support to the former players of Hyderabad

Vastavam web : Minister KTR ordered as per the government decision to give financial support to the former players of Hyderabad of rupees 10,000 per month for 10 players and rupees 7,500 for 2 players who contributed their services for the state. The players who get 10000 rupees per month are former football players, Olympians, Mohammad Zull fakruddin, ISHH Hameed, Veer Bahadur, former International Hockey player K Satyanarayana, former boxer, Arjuna awardee Denis Swami, International Kabaddi Players A.C.Mallesham and Vasudev Yadav. The other two players who get rupees 7,500 per month former are Kho Kho player Chandraprakash Baradar and tennis player Sameera Begum.