Nisabha to become executive director of GCPL

Vastavam web:  GCPL (Godrej Consumer Product Limited) is a branch in Godrej Groups. There were huge changes took place in the management. Adi Godrej has oppointed his second daughter Nisaba as the director of GCPL. Adi Godrej has three daughters, Nisaba is his second born. Eldest daughter is Tanya Dubash is Executive Director and Chief Brand Officer of GCPL. His son pirojsha Godrej is the director of Godrej properties. Aid Godrej is the chairperson emeritus to the GCPL. He said, that the foundations of GCPL are extremely strong and this is the opportune time to transition to a new chairperson, he is confident, that the compny’s next phase of growth would be good under the leadership of Nisaba. She played a crucial role in development of the company’s property over last ten years, she had been working as the director of Board of GCPL since 2011, then it’s capitalisation was three thousand crores, now it is reached to 60 thousad crores. There is three fold growth in the company’s capitalisation. Nisaba’s decisions contributated in this regard, said Adi Godrej.