Vijayendra prasad words influenced pawan fans

Vastavam web: It seems Pawan Kalyan’s fans have connected to the words of the writer to the core. They have been expressing their jubilation in various forms of creativity on social media, which also led fan wars.Reportedly, Pawan Kalyan’s fans photoshopped the statues of Prabhas and Rana of interval scene as Pawan Kayan and Prabhas which led heated arguments. Also, Pawan Kalyan’s fans response after watching the film in theaters were shown in video clippings wherein fans were seen shouting ‘Power Star’. Prior to the release of the film, ‘Dandalayya’ song was edited with the video clippings of Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena public meets. Having gone through these developments, it was felt Vijayendra Prasad shouldn’t have given such bold statement in media.