GSLV f-9 rocket ready for launch

Vastavam web: South Asia Technical Satellite  GSLV F-9 racket is ready to be launched on Friday at 4.57 p.m.from Sriharikota racket launching centre into the space. It is intended to strengthen the friendly relationship among the SAARK nations. ISRO chairman A.S.Kirankumar said, the countdown is already started to launch the racket. This communicative rocket can provide technical services to Bharath and it’s neighbouring countries a free service for 12 years.

Narendra Modi in 2014 after becoming the P.M.asked ISRO scientists to form a satellite which is helpful to SAARK nations. The G sat-9 is formed as per the wish of our P.M. Modi said, in his “man ki baath” programme G sat-9 is a precious gift to our neighbouring countries from Bharath. ISRO chairman A.S. Kirankumar said, we have taken up Chandrayan-2, the work will be completed by the 2018.