The highest railway bridge in the world

Vastavam web:  A railway bridge with 359 mts.hight and with more than Rs 1100 crore rupees expenditure has to be constructed across the Chinab river in Jammu and Kashmir. It would be larger than the world famous Eephil tower by 35 mts hight. It will become the largest railway bridge in the world. It needs 24 thousand tons of iron,  will lay down in 1,315 km length, it has the capacity to bare 260 km speed wind current. It comes under Udampur-SriNagar-Baramulla railway project. A project official said, the construction of the bridge is a challenge and shows an excellent engineering skills. We hope it also become a tourist spot. At present Shanghai railway bridge is known as the highest bridge in the world. Chinab bridge will break the records.