England club increases Wimbledon prize money

Bristol, CT - June 18, 2012 - Campus Green: Hannah Storm, Patrick McEnroe and Mary Joe Fernandez with the Men's and Women's Wimbledon trophies for SportsCenter. (Photo by Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images)

Vastavam web: As other Grand Slams Wimbledon prize money is also increased. In this grass court Grand Slam singles championship prize money is 2.2 million pounds that means in Bharat currency it is it 18.21 crores. Last year’s champion Andy Murray, Serena Williams took 17.39 crores of Rupees. The latest prize amount is increased by 10% more than the previous years prize money. Overall tourney prize money is more by 12.5% that is 31.6 million pounds. Management said that the issue of wild card to Sharapova is yet to be decided. Sharapova, the Russian player has come back after completing her Banished period.