Can this combination come up ?

Vastavam web:Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth has a long time wish to work with India’s top director Rajamouli. Many a times, the superstar expressed his wish in various platforms. And recently, his words of praise on Rajamouli gave goosebumps to the director, as he reacted emotionally with Rajini’s flattery.

From then on media has been speculating if there would be any possibility of Rajamouli and Rajini’s combo. Although the combo is expected to do sky level business at Pan India, the combo has its own set of problems.

Rajinikanth’s energy levels have been not upto the mark in his recent ventures. That’s why, the hero completely depends on directorial skills in his recent ventures. ‘Robo’ series and ‘Shivaji’ are rich with graphics. In contrast Rajamouli’s heroes develop muscular bodies doing heavy workouts. Rajamouli makes them sweating out harder.