Deepak Parekh criticises I N rating agency

Vastavam web: HDFC limited Chairperson Deepak Parek criticises the way of rating system of International rating agency. S & P ( The Standared  & Poor’s 500) and Moody’s have given B B B rating that means a low rating to India. Parek questioned, Bharath is one of the economically and politically strongest country, is given such a low grade? It means no one come farward to invest in govt and non- govt companies in India from International market. Aravind Subramaniam chief advisor of central govt, Shaktikanta Das central financial secretary other higher officials, corporate personalities condemned the rating. They questioned about the junk grades, Bharath is a country with strong fundamentals, fastest economically growing, politically too, a strong nation.Such had been given the least grading ? They wondered. On the other hand Italy and Spain which are far weaker and smaller are having much bigger grade than Bharath . Parek questioned.