Amazon founder got 2nd place in Bloomberg’s Billionaire list

Vastavam Web: Amazon founder Jeff Bezoce became 2nd richest person in the world within over night.Amazon share value increased 18.32 dollars on wednesday at a time. Bezoce earned 150 crore dollars with in a day. At present, as per Bloomberg Billionaire Bezoce stood in the second place with 75.6 billion dollars (nearly 4 lakh 87 thousand crore) in the world.Bezoce properties are more than the third richest person Urran Buffet by 70 crore dollars, and 130 crore dollars more than the fourth richest person Ortega. The properties of the founder of Amazon are rised 1000 crores within one year. He bagged 700 crore dollars into his account just after Trump became the President of America.