Modi stood first in the most talented Indians list

Vastavam Web: A list of 100 The Most Talented Indians is released recently. The first three places go again to Modi, Amith Shah, and R.S.S. chief Mohan Bhagavat.18 present C.M. got their names in the list. The two C.Ms from Telugu states ChandraBabu Naidu stood far before to KCR.Naidu got 48th place whereas KCR got 72nd place.

Other Chief Minister in the list are U.P. C.M. Yogi Adithyanath stood in the top place. Sonia Gandhi stood in the 9th place and her son Rahul Gandhi in 10th position.Sasikala who shaked Tamilnadu politics and now sitting in the jail stood in 97th place.Hardic Patel who is fighting for patels reservations stood in the 100th place. Some crucial congress ministers then in cogress government were in the list though they are not in power now.