West Bengal tops in illegal human transport

Vastavam Web: Illegal human transport cases 8,132 were registared across the country.Among them West Bengal registared 3,576 cases and stands in the first place.Telugu states Andra Pradesh registared 239 cases and Telangana registared 229 cases.All the union territories registared 75 cases altogether, whereas Delhi registared 66 cases and give a chance to rise question on security. Jammu & Kashmir,Tripura,Nagaland, Dadranagar haveli,Lakshdweep, Pudhucheri,didn’t file a single case. Northeast states Assam registared highest cases 91, Meghalaya 7, Manipur 3, Mizoram  2, Arunachal Pradesh 2,Sikkim 1 cases filed. Northeast states oppointed special force to control illegal human transport,therefore the cases were registared minimum from these states, said central government officials.