Sikh-American Girl harassed on a Train in US

Vastavam Web: A White Man has harassed a Sikh-American Girl on a subway train after mistaking her to be from the Middle East. He shouted at her ‘You don’t belong in this country’ and ‘Go back to Lebanon’.The incident happened when Rajpreet Heir boarded a subway train to attend the birthday bash of her friend in Manhattan. This Indian-American Girl shared the ordeal she had been through in a video for Times ‘This Week in Hate’ which is meant to through a light on hate crimes in US since President Trump took control of White House.

In the footage, Rajpreet Heir disclosed that the White Man shouted at her and even used expletives. After the White Man left the train, She noticed a young white woman having tears in her eyes. One Woman even tapped on her shoulder and asked if she was all right. Whereas, Another woman complained about the incident to a cop at a subway station.Rajpreet Heir claims to be from a city in the American state of Indiana, not the Lebanon in the Middle East.