‘Give Me 20 Minutes, I will prove it!’

Vastavam Web: Interesting argument took place between Ruling Party Leaders & Opposition Members in Assembly Today. Jagan sought 20 minutes time to speak so that he could prove the allegations he made against Minister Prathipati Pulla Rao in the Agri Gold issue.

AP Speaker kodela, however, denied permission and asked Jagan to clarify if he is ready for the challenge thrown by Ruling Party. AP CM challenged: ‘We are ready to order for Judicial Enquiry. If the allegations leveled by Jagan are proven right, Prathipathi will resign to his Post. In case if the allegations are false, Is Jagan willing to resign?’.

On the other hand, YCP Chief Jaganmohan Reddy sought 20 minutes of time to prove his allegations were true. Finance Minister Yanamala and another Minister Manikyala Rao launched counter attack against Opposition Leader by accusing him of wasting 2 days of precious time meant for people’s issues. In protest, YCP MLAs staged a walkout.