Anushka breathes a sigh of relief

Vastavam Web: Plagiarism charges copy allegations have become the order of the day in the film industry.  Similar thing happened to ‘Phillauri’ team couple of days back. ‘Phillauri’ is the latest Bollywood film starring Dilijit Dosanjh & Anushka Sharma, and the movie hit the screens on this Friday.

People named Gayatri and Dashrath have filed a petition on behalf of Gayatri Cine Productions in the court to stop the release of ‘Phillauri’.  They have alleged that ‘Phillauri’ is a copy of their Gujarati film.  As the matter was in the hands the honourable court, film makers of ‘Phillauri’ were tensed before the release. Interestingly Anushka Sharma is one of the producers of ‘Phillauri’.. so it is obvious that she too was tensed.