Workout at home

Whoever said it wasn’t, possible to workout at home just wanted an excuse not to. We often prioritize ourselves last and our own health even further down the line. One would probably make time out of a busy schedule to watch a movie (3hrs), go to a restaurant (2hrs), a quick parlor visit (1hr) but to take 30mins every day to increase our stamina, agility, smooth functioning of our joints/muscles and balance out our calorie/food intake, people complain that they don’t have time. It’s no wonder then that the medicine/drug companies are making a packet, thriving on these ”busy” people.
A recent US study, published in the journal Neuroscience, showed that during exercise, the body produces a substance that stimulates the birth of new neurons, which improves our cognitive activities, especially memory. So it’s not just the body that is getting energized during exercise but it also helps in rejuvenating the brain cells. Exercise requires concentration as well as co-ordination both of which require the neurological system to come into play, which in turn results in correct posture and precise movements.
So here’s listing a round of a quick 10 exercises for a full body workout that require no other equipment other than a clean mat.
1. PLANK : Gets your entire body activated, concentrating on the core, which will give you stability.
2. LUNGES : Works on your glutes, hamstrings, quads (lower body) activating your core as well. This will strengthen your lower body and create awareness for balance.
3. JUMPING JACKS : The school workout, a cardio move which again compels you to hold the core tight. Helps in coordinated movements of arms and legs..
4. BIRD DOG : Works on your glutes and core and shoulder together without engaging your back. Helps in proper alignment of the body.
5. SQUATS : Strengthening of your lower body, activates core.
The first 5 are for beginners. It will entail using all group of muscles of your body. Start with a set of 10/12 reps of each exercise and do 3 sets. Once you start finding that easy add these 5 that require a slight more strength and stamina to complete.
6. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS : An intense integrated movement of the plank variation. Works on the arms, core, glutes and quads. It enhances stability and strength.
7. RUSSIAN TWISTS : Works on the obliques with intensity as compared to other core activation.
8. HIP RAISES : Concentrates on the glutes and hamstrings, conditions strengthens the muscles and can tighten loose fat.
9. PUSH UPS : Increases arm strength as it supports entire body weight. Works on the arms, shoulders and pectoral(chest) muscles.
10.BURPEES : Complete body workout that integrates almost all of the above exercises to give a perfect quick and efficient workout even if done solely by itself.
All these exercises can be done with different variations as you progress for different levels of intensity. You will realize that you don’t really require fancy equipment or a gym space to move, challenge or tone your body.