Messaging minefields: When I just wanted to tell a friend ‘so lovely’ but typed ‘so slovenly’

One day someone will send a WhatsApp message with the wrong word and blow up the world by mistake. The number of times we don’t read the message we have sent and let it go only to discover to our horror that what we sent is not what we meant, it is too late.
I just wanted to say ‘so lovely’ to a friend who is turning 55 and looks 58 and is super sensitive about it and had planted a specially taken well lit portrait of herself on Facebook so what do i do, i try to be kind. I send a message saying ‘so slovenly’ and notice this only three days of silence later.
How on earth do you explain after such a gross time lapse that you did not mean slovenly, that slovenly was not even a third cousin of Freud’s slip, that you meant lovely and nobody would guess she’s 55, like 47 tops and slovenly did not even enter your mind.
We all have our personal collections of ‘oops did I send that’ messages but a friend of mine insists that if you write ‘I understand’ autocorrect will put it out it as ‘I underpants’.
And if this is bad you then have this situation where people see you are online and they join in and you are now sending answers to three folks at the same time, talk about multitasking and naturally, you send the wrong message to person 2 and it was meant for person 3 and now your chat has deteriorated into abject apology that it wasn’t meant for them, sorry about that, please disregard … and the moment you say please disregard they are going to double their attention and now they are privy to some information totally not for their eyes.
What is it about human nature that we cannot resist starting parallel conversations when that new name pops up? But these are less dangerous than those group chats where you have someone who has your name in a list and everyone on that list is going to read that message. We have basic family, inner family, larger family, all the family and i think two more groups at least for the grandchildren’s pictures. Since many of the names are common I traverse these minefields of disaster as a constant casualty.
The other day I told the wrong segment of the family about another segment of the family with reference to a secret that I wasn’t supposed to leak but what the heck, I am human, I can’t be perfect.