Kajal charges Rs 7 lakh to open a shop!

vastavam web: It is well aware that Kajal Agarwal is a lucky mascot for the heroes of the south Indian film industry. She is also one of the top star heroines and nobody will have any kind of doubts on this matter.

However, Kajal doesn’t want to waste her time to go idle and is ready to cash every minute at her disposal to convert into cash form. Despite heavy competition among the heroines in the film industry of south India, Kajal signs agreements to endorse the brands whether they are popular or not and she is ready to inaugurate any number of showrooms, shopping malls and shops.

One will recollect the proverb ‘Make Hay While The Sun Shines’ while noticing her. It is worth mentioning here that it is a fact that she had crossed 30 years of age and the glamour will not last long any more. In order to cash in on the available time, she is spending each and every minute to earn money. Earlier, Kajal used to hesitate to inaugurate small shops or low-quality brands. But, she is not hesitating any more. She is ready to accept any offer that comes in her way. According to a leading Tamil weekly, one article reportedly says, Kajal charges Rs 7 lakh to open a shop. She doesn’t make any negotiations if you are ready to shell out the money to inaugurate any shop. Of course, here the rule: conditions apply follows… her travelling expenses and her stay in the area should also be taken care of. She is very open in this aspect.