Jat reservation: How to meet yet more demands


The Jat threat to lay siege to Parliament has been postponed by 15 days, not abandoned, thanks to a promise by the Haryana chief minister to Jat leaders that the process of extending reservation to the community would begin soon. The Patels of Gujarat, another powerful agrarian community, have also been agitating for reservations. These demands stems from two kinds of failure, one developmental, the other, political.
As the share of services and industry in the economy goes up and that of agriculture goes down, communities whose prosperity and social dominance derived from landholding see their fortunes decline, in relation to those of other communities that have obtained a relatively larger presence in the modern and faster-growing sectors of the economy. Failure to produce enough jobs to accommodate the aspirations of rural youth to move into urban jobs breeds frustration, especially as the policy of affirmative action secures jobs and the educational attainment needed to get those jobs for small sections of the subaltern.