Pawan’s speech was superb in USA

Vastavam Web: Pawan Kalyan has taken part in a car rally at Nashua during his ongoing 5-Day us Tour. Thereafter, He delivered a rocking speech

Pawan Kalyan

at the conference and NRIs were seen clapping & whistling throughout.

Addressing the gathering, Pawan Kalyan said: ‘I am not well educated…a dropout as well. But, I continue to remain as a student in studying the life & society. I’m an accidental actor. It’s because of people like you, My film career has been successful. I am very comfortable but could be content only when solutions were found for people’s issues. Floated Jana Sena to pay back to the society. We don’t have guns but use our will-power as a weapon. I willn’t loose my courage ever no matter what happens’.

‘We respect Gandhi & Ambedhkar but have we been following the path shown by them? There is no use if we don’t practice what we preach. I received threats when Common Man Protection Force (CMPF) was launched. Even letters were sent saying that I would be killed. I wouldn’t have been in Politics Today had if I was scared of such threats. I have entered politics after testing myself a lot and gaining confidence that I can handle any kind of setbacks. I knew how to make a comeback & strike back. Personally, I don’t have rivalry with anybody. I hate opportunistic politics. Few Leaders say politics is like their eyes for them. For Me, Politics is a respectable job. Our Constitution is so great but it’s implementation is matter of concern. I like facing challenges. I am careful but fearless. I use my words carefully, take decisions after thinking for 10 times and won’t hesitate to go to any extent once a stand has been taken. I won’t tolerate if rulers go back on their poll promises. In the case of Special Status, TDP-BJP Leaders cleared explained what they would offer during the election campaign. When it comes to implementation, They confuse people by quoting numbers and statistics. They are lying if leaders speak in a way people can’t understand’.