New visas for 330 expat teachers stuck outside Kuwait

Vastavam web: The Ministry of Education supports the return of non-Kuwaiti teachers stranded abroad, a senior government source told. The source said that issuing new entry visas for those teachers that are stuck abroad is the best legal approach. With that being said, new visas will be mainly issued to specialized teachers that are needed by the Ministry. Several teachers have been stuck outside of Kuwait since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, as travel restrictions were put in place around the whole. In addition, many of the teachers looking to return reside in one of the 35 countries that Kuwait has banned passengers from arriving from.

Last week, the Ministry of Education stated that it is working on finding a solution to bring back teachers whose residency’s have expired. Around 330 teachers will be allowed to return that specialize in five subjects: math, chemistry, English, music and physical education.