This blind soothsayer predictions for 2021 gone viral

Vastavam web: A blind soothsayer, identified by the nickname ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans’, has caught the web by storm by her predictions for the year 2021. She had earlier accurately predicted the 9/11 and Brexit disaster. Her claims concerning the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the September 11, assault in 2001, the demise of Princess Diana, and the Chernobyl catastrophe got here true. Before her demise in 1996, on the age of 85, she additionally made a collection of predictions for the year 2021.

The soothsayer predicted that 2021 would be the year a cure for cancer can be discovered. She additional acknowledged that the outgoing President Donald Trump can be struck by a mysterious illness which depart him deaf and trigger mind trauma. Gushterova additionally acknowledged that Europe’s financial system will collapse, the assassination try can be carried out towards Russian President Vladimir Putin by somebody inside his personal nation, and Islamic Extremists will assault Europe. She also stated that the universe will end in 5079