Indian expatriate businessman in Dubai created 17 Guinness World Records

Vastavam web: From composing the largest sentence with magnets to making the largest electronic greeting card and largest bank note, this Indian expatriate businessman in Dubai has created 17 Guinness World Records (GWR) — six of them created in a matter of eight hours on GWR Day, on November 18, 2020. Meet Ramkumar Sarangapani who has earned the distinction of being the highest GWR holder, not only in the UAE but in the entire Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. As an Indian citizen, Sarangapani, who breaks records to relieve stress, has overtaken Indian cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar with his 17 record-breaking titles.

Talking about his passion for creating records, Sarangapani explained: “Having lived in Dubai for 17 years, the emirate is as much my favourite home as Chennai in India and I love working on themes that speak of ‘largest’ and the ‘longest’, simply because it connects with Dubai — a city dotted with unique and massive structures. Until now, all the records that I have made were done here, while UAE continues to be the home for all my future attempts as well,” said Sarangapani who wanted to prove to his friends that world records were not just meant for superhumans, but were meant for the common man as well.