Telangana Congress Senior Leader terms Centre’s farm laws as ‘suicide laws’

Vastavam web: As farmer protests continue at the borders of the national capital, Congress leader, V Hanumantha Rao, on Sunday, termed the three farm laws implemented by the Centre as suicide laws. Speaking of Congress Senior Leader Narendra Modi says that these laws are very good and in the interest of farmers. Farmers will benefit from these laws. If the farmers will really benefit, why will they prefer to go on a strike? The three laws introduced by the Centre are suicide laws.”

“PM Modi is just trying to mislead the farmers sitting on the strike. Farmers are sleeping on highways and railway tracks in protest. The Prime Minister should immediately take back the farmer laws or else the strikes will continue,” he added. “The Centre is trying to portray that the people supporting Khalistan are igniting the strikes, but I believe that this is the game of the government. Farmers only want a minimum support price (MSP) for their produce.

“Farmers are the ones who produce food for the country. I support the words of Rahul Gandhi. I agree with his words that if the Central government does not favour the interests of the farmers, then it is dangerous for the democracy of this country,” he added.