TDP national president Chandrababu writes to YS Jagan to announce health emergency in Eluru

Vastavam web: Former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh and TDP national president Chandrababu Naidu demanded that the government declare a state of emergency in the Eluru area in the wake of hundreds of people falling ill for mysterious disease. To this end, he wrote a letter to Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy. He noted that there are fears among the public about the changing symptoms in patients on a daily basis. He urged the government to dispel fears of what will happen tomorrow. “People are alarmed by reports of lead and nickel in drinking water; the current situation is having a serious impact on the health of pregnant women, children and the elderly,” Naidu asserted.

Chandrababu urged the government to closely monitor every patient on a long-term basis and provide the best possible treatment to the victims with medical professionals. Chandrababu criticized the government for not coming up with the idea of ​​setting up a health line. Every victim should be provided with health insurance and life insurance. Meanwhile, the medical experts who went to Eluru explained that blood, urine and other samples were taken from the victims along with water, vegetables and food items for testing. The preliminary report will be submitted to the government by Friday, the authorities said.