Joe Biden promises US immigration reform

Vastavam web: Arabs could see increased access to US immigration as President-elect Joe Biden has promised to remove the Trump administration’s ban on travel from mainly Muslim-majority countries and to increase the nation’s maximum number of refugee admissions. Biden also plans to halt construction on the US-Mexico border wall. “I think he very much wants to show that he’s different from Donald Trump,” said Chris Faulkner, a senior National Strategist at political marketing firm Majority Strategies. “There’s a lot of people that gave him a lot of money, a lot of people that supported him. They see the wall as more than just a border. They see it as racist and he very much wants to prove that he is not Donald Trump.”

“Joe Biden has been a US senator longer than I’ve been alive. So he’s been a part of American government for a long time,” said Faulkner. “He has pushed some very conservative policies in the past when he was a younger man. He advocated invading Iraq and Afghanistan and other countries. So I don’t think he is as liberal maybe as some people think. But I think that people around him including the Vice President will push him to open up immigration.”