Alaska City said goodbye to the sun for 75 days

Vastavam web: Residents of a city in Alaska in the United States will not see the sun this year! The small town of Utkiyatvik saw the last sunset of 2020 last Wednesday. On that day, at half past one in the local time, the sun went below the horizon. He will return on January 22! The residents of this city known as Barrow will not meet the sun for 75 days. However, this is not an accidental cosmic event. The people of this city are accustomed to this annual disappearance of the sun. Every year in winter the sun takes a break from the sky here for two months. In fact, this is because of the location at the very edge of the earth. This is called ‘Polar Night’.

So will the city be in darkness for more than two months? No, that won’t happen. During this period, every day will be the same as before. But not for long, the light will be on for a few hours. Then it will decrease and darkness will come down. But even when there is light, the sun cannot be seen raising its face above the horizon. He will remain invisible. The sky here has been cloudy for the last few days. With that he shared an excellent video. As you can see, there are weapons in the western sky. Describing the sadness of that moment, the sad young woman wrote, “I am sitting quietly in this snow-covered tundra region.

The residents of this city in Alaska, of course, share another experience. Just as the sun will not be seen for two months now, the sun will remain in the sky all the time for two months of the year! Yes, 24 hours. Then there is nothing called night here.