Dubbak Effect: TRS To Advance GHMC Elections?

Vastavam Web: The ruling TRS has decided to re-work its strategy for the GHMC elections post the stunning defeat in Dubbak bypoll. He party now wants to focus on the GHMC elections. The party wants to go in for the GHMC elections at the earliest.

As a result, the TRS would be forced to fight with its back to the wall. With the BJP already in a strong position in the GHMC area, the party could improve its position. This would send a wrong signal, the TRS top brass feels. Hence, it feels that the elections should be held by December end.

Earlier, the TRS felt that holding elections after the Sankranthi festival in January would be good. The idea was that the massive floods of October and the bad road condition could hit the party’s prospects. Hence, it wanted to take up some relief and reconstruction work before going in for polls. It wanted an image refurbishment before the elections. But, now it is of the opinion that a further delay could help the Opposition to create a snowballing effect and build an anti-TRS mood. The TRS sources feel that the election notification would be issued within a week for the GHMC elections.