Bernie Sanders calls for abolition of electoral system

Vastavam web: A politician from Vermont, Bernie Sanders has called for an end to the electoral college system in the United States. He made the call in a Twitter post on Monday, 9 November. “Joe Biden will win more than 4 million votes in the popular vote,” Sanders said in a tweet. Democratic candidates have won seven of the last eight presidential elections. One person, one vote. Democracy will rule. Yes! We should cancel the Electoral College.

The results of the US presidential election depend on the votes of a total of 538 voters. To be elected president, a candidate must receive a minimum of 270 electoral votes. In presidential elections, the votes that candidates receive from voters across the country are called popular votes. And the voters’ vote is called the electoral vote. The state that gets the most ‘popular votes’ will get all the electoral votes of that state. This method is called the electoral college method.

The total number of electors in a state is determined by the population of that state. For example, in Montana, where the population is very small, there are only three electors. On the other hand, the state of California has 55 selectors.