Court Orders Pennsylvania To Segregate Some Mail-In Ballots In Response To Trump Challenge

Vastavam web: A state judge in Pennsylvania ordered election officials Thursday to segregate some mail-in ballots with voter identification issues after the Trump campaign challenged an extended deadline allowing voters to correct them through November 12, calling into question whether those votes would count as Pennsylvania’s presidential race continues to narrow. The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit Wednesday challenging Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar’s decision to extend a deadline for voters whose mail-in ballots lacked proof of identification to provide it, changing the deadline from November 9 to Nov. 12.

The Trump campaign alleges the extended deadline should not be allowed because it would “create a high risk of jeopardizing the integrity” of the election by delaying election results, and called on the court to throw out any ballots that haven’t been corrected by Nov. 9.

The court has not yet ruled on the case, but issued an order Thursday saying the state should segregate any ballots with identification issues that get corrected between Nov. 10 and 12, in case the court ultimately invalidates the deadline and the votes get thrown out. Pennsylvania is already segregating any mail-in ballots that arrived after Election Day after the U.S. Supreme Court threatened it may review a state court decision to extend the deadline for the delivery of those ballots to three days after Election Day.