RGV shocking comments on Donald Trump

Vastavam Web: As we know that all eyes are looking towards United states now to see who will be winning the presidential elections, the sensational director has started criticising Trump for heading towards a defeat in the elections.

Ram Gopal Varma took to Twitter last night and posted a series of tweets saying that he wants to celebrate on dethroning Donal Trump.

“I want to do a naked breakdance on the roads for finally the world getting rid of that cockroach @realDonaldTrump ..CONGRATS AMERICA,” RGV tweeted.

“The Republican dogs are the biggest benefactors because now they can keep the sweet senate now they got rid of their bitter president…They too am sure must be doing a naked breakdance,” he added. He also trolled Trump saying that he has locked himself up in a toilet in the west wing and crying like a baby.