No space for a third party in bilateral matter: China

Vastavam web: A day after the 2+2 dialogue between India and US in which the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo extended strong support for India’s efforts to defend its sovereignty, China responded by saying that boundary question is a bilateral matter and there is no space for a third party to intervene. China said that the development of bilateral ties between countries should not infringe upon legitimate rights and interests of a third party and should be conducive to regional peace, stability and development.

“The ‘Indo-Pacific strategy’ proposed by the US is to stir up confrontation among different groups and blocs and to stoke geopolitical competition, in a bid to maintain the dominance of the US, organize closed and exclusive ideological cliques,” it said. Addressing the media after the 2+2 dialogue, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “Today is a great opportunity for two great democracies to grow closer. We have a lot to discuss today, from cooperating on defeating the pandemic that originated in Wuhan to confronting Chinese Communist Party’s threats to security & freedom, to promoting peace, stability throughout the region.”