North Korea fears Yellow dust from China will spread Covid-19

Vastavam web: North Korea has warned its citizens to stay indoors over fears that “yellow dust” which blows in from China could infect the population with COVID-19. Yellow dust contains harmful ingredients and directly acts on the human respiratory system. Yellow dust refers to sand from Mongolian and Chinese deserts that blow into North and South Korea at certain times of the year. It is intermingled with toxic dust that for years has raised health concerns in both countries.

However, Okryu-gwan, a restaurant in the capital Pyongyang, well known for serving North Korea’s signature cuisine “Pyongyang naengmyeon”, is operating at full capacity and is violating social distancing norms imposed due to the surge in coronavirus cases. Jong Sol Hung, one of the restaurant’s managers, said “We will continue to work more closely on our emergency quarantine projects, while serving the people more actively, and thereby do our best to inspire the strong will of our people by the time the 80-day campaign is over.”

Despite claiming the country has no cases of coronavirus, there are deep fears about COVID-19 in North Korea and leader Kim Jong-un has been holding high-level meetings to ensure tight restrictions remain in place. Analysts have said it is highly unlikely that North Korea has not experienced any coronavirus cases at all.