November 3 presidential poll is election of a lifetime: Indian-American

Vastavam web: The November 3 presidential poll is an “election of a lifetime” for it being held amid a pandemic and seeing the “highest participation” of India-Americans, according to eminent community leader Swadesh Chatterjee. A strong Democrat whose relationship with the party’s presidential candidate Joe Biden goes back to the past several decades, Chatterjee, 72, said even as the US has all the ingredients required to handle the pandemic of this magnitude, it could not be managed properly because of the “misinformation and wrong decision” made by leadership of the country.

“You know, to me this campaign is one of a lifetime. This election is an election of my lifetime. I totally agree with the people that this (election) you will keep in the history book one of the campaigns, which people have not seen before,” North Carolina-based Chatterjee told. There after he has been involved in several presidential campaigns, in particular that of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and now Joe Biden.

Chatterjee said Senator Kamal Harris being the vice-presidential candidate for the Democratic party is a dream come true for the Indian-American community. “Indian-American participation is the highest this time… Quite a number of Indian-Americans already involved in the campaign, on both sides, though Biden-Harris team has got more Indian-Americans on its staff than anybody else,” said Chatterjee, who for more than three decades has been an eyewitness to US political system.

Source: PTI