72% Indian Americans Plan to Vote for Biden, Finds Survey

Vastavam web: Indian-Americans continue to be strongly attached to the Democratic Party, with little indication of a shift towards the Republican Party, a latest survey of the community in the US said on Wednesday. As many as 72 per cent of the registered Indian-American voters plan to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, while 22 per cent intend to vote for incumbent Republican Donald Trump, three per cent will support a third-party candidate, and three per cent do not intend to vote at all, according to the survey.

Nearly three-quarters of registered Indian-American voters intend to support Joe Biden this Fall, compared to just 22 per cent for Donald Trump, it said. According to the report, Kitchen table issues dominate over foreign policy concerns, Kamala Harris has mobilised Indian-Americans, especially Democrats and political beliefs seep into perceptions of the US-India bilateral relations, it said.