I feels like ‘Superman’ after coronavirus treatment: US President

Vastavam web: US President Donald Trump has said that he felt like a “Superman” after his experimental COVID-19 treatment and boasted about his new immunity to the disease which has claimed the lives of 216,000 Americans. Trump, who tested positive for COVID-19 on October 1 and was admitted to a military hospital for three nights and four days, declared himself cured after he was treated with an experimental antibody drug cocktail.

White House doctors have now cleared him for holding election rallies. Holding his second rally since contracting coronavirus, Trump told a crowd of his supporters packed onto an airport tarmac in Johnstown, Pennsylvania that he felt like “Superman” after the treatment. Addressing his supporters in Pennsylvania, another battleground State, Trump, 74, thanked the doctors that treated him. All I know is I took something, whatever the hell it was, I felt good very quickly. I don’t know what it was, antibodies, antibodies. I don’t know. I took it, I said I felt like superman, Trump said.

Boasting about his new immunity to the disease, Trump said he can kiss everyone in the audience. And now I’m immune they tell me. I’m immune. I could come down and start kissing everybody. I’ll kiss every guy–man and woman. Man and woman. Look at that guy how handsome he is. I’ll kiss him. Not with a lot of enjoyment but that’s okay, the president joked.

Source: PTI