Indian-American launches ‘Trump Hai to Safe Hai’ campaign

Vastavam web: Danny Gaekwad, a Republican Indian-American entrepreneur and an avid supporter of US President Donald Trump, has launched a campaign titled, “Trump Hai to Safe Hai”, which highlights the President’s support for India, a media report said. “I saw that President Trump is wounded in the race. So I’m spending my own money to support him,” the Florida-based serial entrepreneur told the American Bazaar news outlet on Thursday.

“Indian-American votes are going to be crucial in battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan and Ohio. “I believe Indian television channels are the best way to reach many of the first-generation voters from the community,” Gaekwad, who was born in Baroda, Gujarat, said further. The entrepreneur’s campaign slogan is based on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Modi Hai to Mumkin Hai”.