Bigg Boss Silly Rule, Nobody Cares!

Vastavam Web: The most prominent rule of Bigg Boss is housemates are not permitted to talk in any other language except Telugu. But, that rule is becoming a joke now. It’s because, the management is taking few contestants who doesn’t know Telugu. That is also fine. But, contestants who belong here and can speak the language fluently are also speaking in English.

Bigg Boss 4 saw contestants Monal Gajjar, Surya, Amma Rajasekhar and Swathi Deekshith who are not fluent in Telugu language. Among the, Swathi Deekshith is one contestant who can understand and speak Telugu well.

Dethadi Harika has been getting trolled as she is conversing with inmates in English, as if it’s really difficult for her to speak in Telugu. Despite warnings from Bigg Boss, the host Nagarjuna and other housemates, Harika is continuing to speak in English.