Some heroes sexually harassed me : Kangana

Vastavam Web: Talented actress Kangana Ranaut will be the first one to speak out and express her opinion whenever there is a controversy in Bollywood. After taking the spotlight in Sushant Singh Rajput’s case, she waged a war against Shiv Sena government. Once again, she made some sensational comments on Bollywood heroes too.

She stated that some heroes sexually harassed her as they showed their genitals to her either in shooting spot or during private parties. She added that those heroes used to suddenly lock their vans and then behaved with her that way. She did not reveal the names of those heroes which is raising a lot of questions.

On the other hand, Kangana deleted the tweet where she said that she voted for Shiv Sena. She made a positive tweet on Shiva Sena a while ago and she took them down which is quite interesting. In this way, Kangana is being in news through all this despite not getting back to shooting.