My Mother would be extremely proud & say beat Trump: Kamala Harris

Vastavam web: Democratic Party’s Indian-American vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris has said that her late mother would have been “extremely proud” of her historic nomination and told her to go ahead and “beat Trump”. Harris, 55, is a Senator from California. She is the first-ever black, African American and a person of Indian descent to be nominated as the vice-presidential nominee by a major political party in the United States.

Remembering her mother Shyamala Gopalan, who was born in Chennai and immigrated to the US to attend a doctoral programme at UC Berkeley, Harris told, “I think she’d be really, extremely proud. And she would say, beat Trump.” “She raised us to live a life of service. And she would look at the suffering right now, she would look at the denial of science right now and it would piss her off, excuse my language,” Harris said of her mother, who was a breast cancer researcher and died of cancer in 2009.

“My mother was a scientist. She had two goals in her life, to raise her two daughters and end breast cancer. She was one of – all five feet of her, one of the strongest, most loving, and toughest people you have ever met. Asked if her mother would be surprised that her daughter was the first woman of colour on a ticket, she said: “I don’t think – I don’t think she would. I think she would be immensely proud”.