Joe Biden campaign launches initiative to Attract Hindus in USA

Vastavam web: The Biden campaign has announced the launch of ‘Hindu Americans for Biden’, as part of its efforts to attract the over two million members of the community in the US and address their issues, including hate crimes. Indian-American Congressman from Illinois, Raja Krishnamoorthi, is scheduled to address the first meeting of ‘Hindus for Biden’ on Thursday, the organisers said on Tuesday. The move from the Biden campaign comes over a fortnight after the Trump campaign on August 14 announced the formation of the ‘Hindu Voices for Trump’. This is, perhaps, for the first time in the history of the US presidential elections that the two major political parties have made an outreach coalition for the Hindus in the country.

The development is being seen as a sign of the growing political prominence of Hindus in America. Hinduism is the fourth largest faith in the US, representing approximately one per cent of the US population in 2016. “The diversity of the Hindu American community can’t be understated and we wanted to make sure that their concerns are addressed directly through, among other things, events like this,” said Murali Balaji, co-chair of ‘Hindu Americans for Biden’.

“We are highlighting the Biden campaign’s commitment to the Hindu American community, one of the most loyal constituencies of the Democratic Party,” he added. According to its organisers, the event, as well as forthcoming ones, will energise Hindu Americans across age groups and cultural backgrounds to vote for former vice president Biden, particularly given his background as a person of faith.

source: PTI