India put restrictions on visa issue to Dragon country citizens

Vastavam web: As travel restrictions are lifted gradually, countries are granting visas to students to carry on their studies or research. India on the other hand, decided to scrutinise the visas awarded to people associated with Chinese think tanks — this move was based on the interest of national security. The decision was taken after some suspicious activities were noticed involving certain individuals linked with Chinese think tanks.

Indian intelligence agencies have alerted the government that China has set up various think tanks as part of its extensive outreach programme. These have been set up with an objective to influence people in countries of strategic interest. These think tanks could be used to identify and recruit people for espionage, said a senior officer with an intelligence agency.

Many organisations across the globe, backed by China, sponsor visas for policymakers, think tanks, political parties, upcoming leaders, corporates, academics and research entities, among others. The agencies have prepared an elaborate list of groups and individuals who are under scanner. The government has shared the list with the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).