Bidding for Pennsylvania, US President trolls Biden in old backyard

Vastavam web: Determined to keep Pennsylvania in his column, President Donald Trump took the fight to Joe Biden’s old backyard Thursday and insisted his Democratic rival would be the state’s worst nightmare if elected president. In a particularly in-your-face bit of campaign trolling, Trump staged a small rally just outside the former vice president’s birthplace in Scranton mere hours before Biden was to formally accept the Democratic presidential nomination.

The campaign framed Trump’s speech as a review of a half-century of Joe Biden failing America, and the location pointed to the importance of Pennsylvania as a battleground state. Joe Biden is no friend of Pennsylvania he is your worst nightmare,” Trump declared. Biden was born in Scranton but his family moved to Delaware when he 10. Biden’s speech came hours later from his Delaware hometown and, as the culmination of the four-day convention, will surely dominate headlines and cable news chyrons.

But Trump has offered a robust slate of competing activity, holding multiple in-person events this week meant to draw a contrast with the largely virtual campaign Biden has conducted during the coronavirus pandemic. Trump visited two other battlegrounds Wisconsin and Arizona as well as Minnesota, one of the few blue states from 2016 that Trump’s team feels like he may have a chance to flip this fall. But his campaign has been warily watching his standing falter in the trio of Rust Belt states that carried him to the presidency in 2016.

Trump is planning more convention counterprogramming Thursday evening with an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel show just before Biden is to deliver his acceptance speech. He captured Pennsylvania by a mere 44,000 votes four years ago and has since clashed with the state’s Democratic governor over efforts to reopen its economy.

Source: PTI