U.S. President travel to Biden’s birthplace to blast his record ahead of nomination speech

Vastavam web: U.S. President Donald Trump today will travel to the area in the swing state of Pennsylvania where Democratic rival Joe Biden was born to slam his decades of government service, hours before the former vice president accepts his party’s nomination. The speech, which the campaign has said will highlight a “half century of Joe Biden failing America”, will seek to shore up the Republican’s support in the state, which may prove key to winning re-election in November.

Trump won the rust belt state of Pennsylvania by just 45,000 votes in 2016, and is trailing Biden in recent polls there by about six percentage points, according to Real Clear Politics. “He is going to have to be careful about what he says about Joe Biden given Scranton is his hometown,” Madonna said. He said that Trump should focus his message on bringing jobs back to blue collar areas, which worked in 2016, and try to shore up confidence in his handling of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Reuters