Former India PM offers advice to Modi Government

Vastavam web: Former India PM Manmohan singh urged modi government to protect the livelihoods of people, provide credit guarantee to businesses and pave way for “institutional autonomy” as coronavirus cases continue to surge. He said it was important to view the current COVID-19 crisis “from the prism of society than economic numbers”.

On the issue of lockdown, the former PM said India did what other nations were doing at that time and the lockdown was, perhaps, “inevitable”. “But the government’s shock and awe approach to the lockdown has caused tremendous pain to people, he said. He also said the government should have left the responsibility of handling the public health emergency to local administrations earlier, rather than managing from the Centre.

Singh also acknowledged the fact that “higher borrowings” in times like these were an “inevitable” option. Manmohan Singh said that India’s track record as a borrower from multi-national institutions was “impeccable”.